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Internship in Groningen University

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Internship Report
By Ali Soleymani
July 2017

Always bringing the theoretical science into practice is attractive. Before starting my internship, I was really motivated to start my project and start communicating with great researchers. But, it is not all about research. You need to prepare yourself for living in a new culture, new country, new city with new and different people. The first challenge in Netherlands and especially small and university cities like Groningen is finding a place to live. There are just a few options and a huge number of requests. After too much effort, and expense of around 1000 euro mediation fee I found a place which is 7 kilometers away from my internship location. Transportation with the bicycle is popular and most of the people use their bikes and me too. Regarding the living cost I can say it around 40 percent more expensive than Germany and because I receive my grant a little late, my few weeks were a little difficult.
I chose a lab in Groningen University which is famous for doing research in the fields which I am really interested in. In first days, I had few meetings with the director of the lab and we planned for our projects and for the first month, I focused on my proposals. I learn some practical points regarding how to manage my references and classify my article and generally how to write background part of an article. It was useful and now I am more independent.
Besides my project in Groningen University, I tried to be in touch with some other labs in Netherlands to gain more experience and expand my connections. So, I traveled to Amsterdam University several times to visit the other labs and I meet ADAPT lab in Amsterdam and I received very useful feedbacks on my project and we decided to plan for more cooperation in future. Also, I meet Prof. Anne Becker in Radboud University, Nijmegen. She and her lab's members are also are so warm and accept my request to take part in their weekly meeting to gain more experience which it is very valuable for me. Generally, I cannot stay in one place, I should explore, find new friends and be in touch with new beliefs.
At the ends, I suggest the fellow students do their paper works as soon as possible and try to receive their grant before starting the project. Then they can have the more successful start and just focus on their internship. Next tips, try to organize a place for living at least 3 months in advance in Netherlands. So, you can feel less stress. Regarding the culture and language in Netherlands, I should say people are friendly and warm and most of the people are fluent in English and you can communicate with them very easily.
I wish all the best and a great start for the other interns.


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